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Every Third Thursday at the Vermillion!

Every 3rd Thursday at the Vermillion in 2018


2018 Concert Series

Happy to announce in 2018 we will be continuing our improvised concert series with a rotating list of special guest musicians at The Vermillion on Capitol Hill!  Starting on Jan 18th we will be playing every THIRD THURSDAY of the month for the year.  Expect a great lineup of special guests.   More info soon!!

New Music up on Youtube!



Check out our collaboration with Anthony Warner (Marmalade, The True Loves, Funkscribe)




Illusions feat. Jessica Lurie

Pleased to share our most recent video/music collaboration with the great saxophonist Jessica Lurie.  Enjoy!!

New Music on our youtube channel!

Gems to play at Upstream Festival!

Happy to announce we will be performing at the Upstream Fest and Summit held in Pioneer Square!!!  Find more info HERE and tickets HERE.  Hope to see y’all at the fest!!!



New Music for 2017!!!

Happy to announce a new ongoing collaborative series of music for 2017.  First up is our new song “Winds Pt.1” featuring Jim Roth on lap slide and effects.  We hope you enjoy…more new music to come!!!

New Old Song!

Allow us a moment to tell a story: during the recording of our album “Tall Mountain” back in 2012, we were recording at a small studio here in the Columbia city area of Seattle called the Track Shack.  It’s now gone but it was a lovely place run by our friend and Tall Mountain recording engineer Matthew Emerson Brown.  Being that the studio was in a residential neighborhood we could only record there until 10pm.  At around 8 we finished what were to be the basic tracks for Tall Mountain.  Extra time and a few hours away from 10 we decided to record a live improvised song with Matthew joining us on lap steel guitar.  If we recall correctly we almost ran out of our time on the 16 track tape machine for this one.  Fast forward to a few days ago, as we were searching through our old recordings, we found this “gem” and quickly mixed it down to share with the world…5 years later!  We do hope you enjoy it!

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