October 18th @ Parliament Tavern with special guest Jessica Lurie


Past Shows 2014-16

September 13th @ Parliament Tavern w/ special guest Noel Brass Jr.

June 26th @ Parliament Tavern w/ special guest Kate Olsen

June 21st @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ special guest Keith Lowe

May 17th @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ special guest The Pazific

April 19 @ Vermillion with guest Paul Moore

March 15 @ Vermillion with guest Joe Doria

March 2nd @ The W Hotel

Feb 24th @ The Parliament Tavern w/ The New Triumph

Feb 15th @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ John Theroux

Feb 2nd @ The W Hotel

Jan 18th @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ Special guest Alex Westcoat

Oct 30th @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ special guest Danny Godinez

Sept 21st @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ special guest Chris Littlefield

August 15th @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ special guest Anthony Warner.

June 8th @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ special guest Andy Coe.

July 13th @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ guest Jessica Lurie

May 12th @  Upstream Music Fest and Summit.

March 9th @ The Vermillion Art Bar and Gallery: Gems ambient with Jim Roth (of Built to spill).

Feb 16 Gems ambient with Noel Brass JR @ Vermillion Seattle, WA

Dec 31st – Saturday – @ The Central – Seattle, W

Dec 10th Saturday – @ Doe Bay Resort (Orcas Island, WA) More info SOON!
DEC 2nd Friday -@ The Valley – Tacoma, WA 10pm
11/6/16 @ The High Dive w/ Symbion Project and The Environment (info HERE)

8/25/16 @ Blue Moon Tavern with Danny Godinez and Surf Monk

8/5/16 @ Doe Bay Fest 9, Orcas Island, WA.

7/8/16 @ Columbia City Theater w/ Eagle Teeth, Nosretep, and Ian Hale and the Legacy:

6/4/16 @ Big Building Bash Festival Seattle, WA

5/22/16 @ AppleJam Music Festival Williams, OR

5/21/16 @ The Axe and Fiddle Public House Cottage Grove, OR

3/26/16 @ Woodland Empire Ale Craft for Apes on Tape Treefort showcase Boise, ID

3/25/16 @ Treefort Music Festival Boise, ID

3/18/16 @ The Central Saloon: Treefort send-off party! w/ Loch Lomand and Bryan John Appleby

2/26/16 @ Blue Moon (Seattle, WA)

12/31/15 @ Doe Bay Resort (Orcas Is, WA)

12/12/15 @ Equinox Studios (Seattle, WA)
11/5/15 @ The Liquor Store (Portland, OR)
11/6/15@ Neurolux (Boise, ID)
9/27/15 @ Barboza (Seattle, WA)
7/25/15 @ The Highline (Seattle, WA)
7/4/15 @ Recess Festival (Tonasket, WA)
6/11/15 @ Chop Suey – Lazer Kitty Album Release (Seattle, WA)
6/6/15 @ Big Building Bash (Seattle, WA)
5/23/15 @ Folklife Music Festival (Seattle Center)
5/15/15 @ Apple Jam Festival (Williams, OR)
5/14/15 @ The Axe and Fiddle (Cottage Grove, OR)
5/13/15 @ The Goodfoot (Portland, OR) w/ Yeah Great Fine and Galaxie
4/11/15 @ Doe Bay (Orcas Island, WA)
4/10/15 @ Sirens (Port Townsend, WA)
3/25/15 @ The Shakedown (Bellingham, WA)
2/6/15 @ Barboza (Seattle, WA)
11/7/14 @ Rendezvous (Seattle, WA)
10/9/14 @ Lo Fi (Seattle, WA)
8/23/14 @ Rat City Recon Festival (White Center, WA)
8/13/14 @ Nectar (Seattle, WA)
6/12/14 @ Sunset Tavern (Seattle, WA)
5/24/14 @ Nectar (Seattle, WA)
5/17/14 @ Fisherman’s VIllage Music Festival (Everett, WA)
5/16/14 @ Olympia Ballroom (Olympia, WA)
5/2/14 @ High Dive (Seattle, WA)
2/21/14 @ Lo Fi (Seattle, WA)
2/5/14 @ Urban Union (Olympia, WA)
1/15/14 @ Chop Suey (Seattle, WA)