legendary electronic musician Harald Grosskopf talks Gems!

I was lucky enough to be exposed to German electronic musician Harald Grosskopf’s 1980 record “Synthesist” several years ago…a work far ahead of it’s time and filled with some  of the most amazing, magical music!  I later discovered his other work with AshRa and Klaus Schulze and was simply blown away at the scope of his talents.  Harald truely is a hero of mine.   I looked at what Harald was doing back then and saw a connection between his art and what Gems is trying to do today…a searching and discovery of tone and mood through the organic use of electronic and non-electronic instruments.  To our band he is our kindred spirit in art!  Over the course of the past year or two I’ve been able to communicate with Harald via the internet and email and have sent him Gems music all along with the way…including our new record “Tall Mountain.”  The band is greatly honored one: that Harald even took the time to listen to our music and two: that he was kind enough to give us his personal feedback and expertise along the way…here’s what he had to say after listening to the rough mixes of “Tall Mountian”


….It was Daniel Rapport, who passed my album SYNTHESIST, rereleased in 2010 on vinyl by RVNG Int. label New York, originally published in 1980, to his uncle Barry Grosskopf, who wanted to find out weather we are family related. We somehow are and since then Barry is my new american brother in name, mind and soul.

About one and a half year ago, Daniel kindly asked me to listen to the first album of his band GEMS. He sent me the tunes via modern internet connections and wanted to hear what I thought and feel about it. I listened to it carefully and immediately discovered their talents, to write and record music in a very unique style. Courageous in general times of retro mania. 
Now their new record is out. I was surprised by a big mature step in expression, emotion and recording quality. This music is opening the mind for a look into future. My best wishes to its success… 

Germany, February 2013
Harald Grosskopf