Combining raw percussive power with unearthly synth pads and melodies, Seattle based live-tronica four piece GEMS deftly navigates through strange and beautiful territory ranging from ambient psychedelia to hard danceable grooves. Laced with echoes of hip-hop, kraut rock, EDM, dub and jazz, the music is eclectic without ever losing its fundamental identity. Everything is seared with an undeniable, instantly recognizable sonic signature.

GEMS’ origin is simple. Four musical friends said to each other, “Let’s jam.” Daniel Rapport & Gary Palmer brought their synthesizers. Adrian Van Batenburg & Jacob Evans brought their drum kits. They set up in an old warehouse, plugged in a small recording device, and improvised all night long. The magic from that first session was soon revisited, revised and refined. A band was born.

Six years later, GEMS is releasing their second full-length album, entitled Night Music. Songs grow from sparse foundational riffs into complex towering structures, breaking apart and reforming without skipping a beat. Intricately crafted soundscapes shift and move, while irresistible grooves propel everything forward with playful intensity. With Night Music, GEMS has honed their unique sound and yet, there is a feeling underneath it all that this is only the beginning.

Contact:  info@gemsmusic.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/GemsMusic

Bandcamp:  gemsjams.bandcamp.com


Foli (live)

Turnt (live)

Night Music
Night Music

Track List

  1. Half of Half – Download
  2. Turnt – Download
  3. Foli – Download
  4. Pull Over – Download
  5. Wayne General – Download
  6. Zitano – Download
  7. Lapiz Lapzuli – Download
  8. Big Bass Woman – Download
  9. Vis A Veevs – Download

Contact Us: info@gemsmusic.com