The Word

First off, thanks to everyone who’s been coming out to support us for our most recent shows.  It’s been great getting back into playing music after our summer break!  We have quite a few new tunes that we’ve been testing out on audiences…with great results!  We hope to be back in the studio soon to begin work on a new record.  We have quite a few shows coming right up to the edge of 2014, including one in portland (our second PDX show in the past 6 weeks).  And…we again no longer have a rehearsal space.  Almost to the day a year ago we lost our last and greatest rehearsal space at 1st and mass, and now our interbay one is up for sale.  If anyone has any leads on warehouse spaces, industrial work spaces, art studios, etc in the Seattle area we would love if you could contact us:  the only stipulation is we need 24 hour access…Gems practices LATE!  Anyways, that’s it for now.  Gems wishes everyone a happy holidaze and we will be in touch in 2014!  Great job!