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Jan 15th Show at Chop Suey

on stage in full fog

photos courtesy of MoJo

The Word

First off, thanks to everyone who’s been coming out to support us for our most recent shows.  It’s been great getting back into playing music after our summer break!  We have quite a few new tunes that we’ve been testing out on audiences…with great results!  We hope to be back in the studio soon to …

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Lots of new shows added!!!

Including a Halloween party!  Gems will be making a triumphant return to the Sunset Tavern to reprise our “Tall Mountain” record release show with our friends Gold Wolf Galaxy!  Should be a fun one…we’re thinking of doing something special for this one too!  We have a couple more shows in the Seattle area all the …

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New Gems remix track by VOX MOD “Earl Over Ocracoke”

Our good friend and fabulous artist Vox Mod was gracious enough to do a remix of our song “Earl Over Ocracoke” from our new album.  You can listen to the track for free on soundcloud right HERE.  We’re all super honored that Vox Mod took the time to do the remix and did such a …

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Gems new shows added!!

Hey everyone, hope your summer has been good…we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with several members on trips/tours in Europe but we’re going to be back in September and we have a few new shows to announce, including our first ever performance in Portland!  Please take a look at our SHOWS page in the …

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New Gems jam up on soundcloud!

We bring you the newest installment in the Gems sound!  Here we have a completely improvised jam recorded at our rehearsal space on April 2nd, 2013.  It’s a look into our compositional process…everything starts from a point such as this and is refined and refined again until a song emerges.  Maybe something will come of …

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Gems live this Saturday June 8th!!

Hey friends, just a quick headsup that Gems will be playing this Saturday June 8th at the Joesphine with our good friends The Soft Hills.  Also on the bill is Warm Static and Snowdrift.  We’re going on vacation after this one for a month or so…it’ll be a good chance to get your Gems fixx …

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City Arts SIFF promo featuring Gems!

City Arts came down to our record release in April to shoot some footage for thier SIFF promo and its now here! Featuring the sights of Gems live and the music of our good friend Vox Mod! Enjoy a little peek into the live world of Gems!


Gems is happy to announce that we will be performing at this years Folklife music festival.  It’s a wonderful, free music festival taking place in Seattle Center.  Gems will be performing Saturday May 25th at 7pm at the Vera Project stage as part of the ball of wax showcase.  Come down and say hello if …

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